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A first customer for the Space Superhighway

NASA has recently announced that it will partner with industry to resupply the Lunar Orbiting Platform-Gateway: Last month in Aviation Week Online, we talked about the...

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Lunar dust — a big deal

The six Apollo missions experienced a wide variety of effects from lunar dust (regolith). The image is a NASA photo of Dr. Harrison Schmitt in his dust-begrimed suit. There is a superb 2007 compilation of dust effect information from the six Apollo missions:...

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Let’s get agile in space

If you’re not in the IT world, you may not be familiar with the concept of “agile development.” Basically it started as a software development method—small bites, quick turns, frequent “scrum” meetings to elicit good ideas, test as you go. That’s an inadequate...

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Space robotics are happening

A great summary of the current projects: It looks like DARPA's RSGS and NASA's Restore-L will both get to orbit in 2022. RSGS is headed for...

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Crater analysis suggests more water on the Moon

Some of the craters at the Moon's poles are shallower than typical impact craters. It has just been suggested that the "fill" material could be largely water ice, as is true at Mercury: Of course, the only way to really...

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Moving around on the Moon

This week, specifically June 6-9, is the International Space Development Conference in Arlington, Virginia. Traditionally, this is the conference where new thinking and radical ideas receive a hearing from a broad, like-minded audience. My talk is at 11 AM on...

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